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About Kigezi Women in Development.

Kigezi Women in Development (KWID), formerly Kabale Women in Development is a local non-government and non-partisan organization. From 1996 – 2002, KWID operated as a women’s group operating at the sub-county level. In 2003, it registered as a Community Based Organization operating in one County of Rukiga. In 2019, KWID scaled up to an NGO status and rebranded to ‘Kigezi Women in Development. KWID has for 25 years been implementing community mobilization and empowerment projects aimed at building the capacity of communities to exercise their rights; participate in decision-making processes, and advocate and demand improved service delivery.

KWID has maintained its core structure as a membership organization organized in branches. The branches are according to parish administrative units within Kigezi Sub-region. The branches are autonomous and they implement localized interventions tailored to address the socio-economic issues affecting their locality. KWID is an adaptive organization that is always candidly evaluating its next steps to serve better and respond to the number of other factors which have constantly impede the socio-economic development of its beneficiaries.

KWID has focused its efforts on empowering women, girls, and other vulnerable persons to exercise their rights, actively participate in decision-making processes, advocate and demand improved services.

Women and girls have been empowered to make informed decisions regarding their reproductive health rights, negotiating for safer sex, when and how many children to have as well as having a voice in social-economic, legal, and political affairs.