Our Vision & Mission

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Our Vision

“A Developed Society free of Social Injustices”.

Our Mission

“Empowering women and other vulnerable persons to address hindrances to their advancement through advocacy, networking and capacity building”

Our core values

  • Gender Equality and equity
  • Team work
  • Responsiveness
  • Accountability and Transparency
  • People centeredness

Our objectives

  • To equip community members with socio-economic and political related knowledge, values, skills and practices which will empower them to transform themselves and their community.
  • To strengthen vulnerable persons, groups, communities and individuals to access information, participate, demand services, and hold institutions that affect their livelihood accountable.
  • To promote awareness on human rights.
  • To develop a system of bringing actors to collaborate/ partner/ network on common interest
  • To influence key decision makers, power holders and opinion formers for changes in policies, systems, attitudes and practices that will work in vulnerable peoples favor to support them receive required services.
  • To strengthen mechanism for information dissemination and experience sharing among vulnerable groups within and beyond Kigezi.
  • To advocate for mainstreaming of all cross-cutting issues (gender, OVC, climate change environmental conservation, governance and leadership, alcoholism, ICT among women and girls, HIV/AIDS, and psychosocial support) in development programmes.