KWID has consistently advocated for gender equality in education to ensure girls, boys, and disabled children equally access education.

We have organized dialogue meetings on education rights to improve the capacity of schools and community structures in providing for children to access and complete education levels (primary, secondary and tertiary). We have monitored schools to identify service delivery gaps and advocate for them.

Under this thematic area, we are focusing on:

  • Advocating for increased enrolment, retention, transition and completion rates of girls.
  • Advocating for improved school infrastructure and learning aids to address the unique needs of girls.
  • Advocating for strengthened monitoring and evaluation systems to enhance transparency and accountability; Girl’s meaningful representation in school decision making bodies and enforcement of the 1/3 representation on women on school management committees.
  • Advocating for increased budget allocations and financing for the education sector to at least 16% of the national budget.


  • Improved access to education
  • Improved quality of education
  • Improved Governance and Management of schools
  • Increased financing for education