Civil Society Empowerment Project 2008-2010

In partnership with World Vision, KWID implemented a civil society empowerment project in which we engaged local movements at the village, parish, sub-County, and Rukiga District for improved access to services through responsive programmes, laws, and budgets and as a results bylaws like on hygiene and sanitation, all school-going age to enroll stay and complete primary education, food security, and Community service were put in place and created a platform for community members to hold leaders accountable and advocating for community issues which are still ongoing.

  • Health Unit Management Committee members (HUMCs) were trained in their roles and responsibilities to be vigilant in supervising health service delivery. A total of 32 members 8 females and 24 males attended the training. 
  • one day meeting for school prefects, senior men and women teachers and head teachers to raise awareness on the importance of establishing and managing school health clubs. 75 people 18 females and 57males participated. 15 schools were facilitated to establish and manage school health clubs. 15 school health clubs were established and managed.
  • Citizens in the six parishes of Kamwezi Sub County-Rukiga District were sensitized and educated about their health entitlements. 435 adults 246 females and 189 males attended. 6 Action plans to improve health seeking behaviours and sanitation in the catchment area were made and implemented. Latrine coverage improved from 54% to 83%.

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